Thursday, December 24, 2015

Myrtenaster Prototype Build Write Up Part 4: Finishing

Prettify time!

Main paints used were silver and black colors. These paints already had a sealer mixed in so I wouldn't have to repaint over the colors to create a shiny look.

But, I couldn't start painting until I finished the handle so I made one out of toilet paper cardboard tubes.

The toilet paper tube was only long enough to hold the bike inflator. So I extended it by attaching another toilet paper tube to it.

The batteries ended up being too long for the tube,

so I made a cap out of foam board and stiff felt. It fits.

Commence paint!

Painted strips of white craft foam silver then glued to the tube in spiral. Also wrapped the stiff felt in white craft foam then painted it silver.

Handle done. Now to paint the prop. Gave it a whole coat of silver.

Then the black fancy patterns were hand painted on. This was done by sketching the patterns from Tatsutetsu prints with pencil then painting over the sketches with black paint.

This gets tiring after the 3rd time.
 Once the fin patterns were done, the cylinder markings were done and the inside components were painted silver.

In progress painting.

Final prop lies below.

Lights! Pictures were taken with flash.

Size comparison with Crescent Rose

Video of complete prop with all of it's features.

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