Monday, May 30, 2016

Gambol Shroud Prebuild Write Up

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Since Crescent Rose has most of it's problems solved for now and Myrtenaster has yet to be tested in a convention setting, I've decided to start another project.

Presenting, Gambol Shroud. Here it is in sword form.

Image from:

Gun form. Yes it shoots bullets.

Image from:

It comes with a sheath.

Image from:

Here are some shots of it in action in the show.

Image from:

Image from:

Image from:

The sheath is just a holder (it doesn't really do anything special) and so the only thing to worry about is that it can hold Gambol Shroud. It will be built after the main weapon is done.

All of the action is in the sword-gun portion of the weapon. To go from sword form to gun form, the blade folds in half. Then the two folded blades slides the whole thing back while the cap comes up.

Image from:
Many thanks to teFlyingNinja for breaking down the movements.

To go from gun to sword, just reverse the steps.

Now what is possible and what isn't? Theoretically, all the automatic (forward and backwards) motions can be achieved. However, not all of it will fit. Which one? The cap movement.


Why? if you look closely, the cap moves on a tiny hinge on the gun right on the gun barrel. This is a problem since I plan on making the prop shoot nerf bullets as well. There just isn't space left for a motor. Now you definitely could make the motion one-way but since this is going to be an automatic prop, I'm forgoing the cap movement for now, but things might change in the future.

So how would you get the folding and sliding to move automatically? The plan is to use two motors. One will be geared for linear motion, the other will have it's motion extended with chain.

The sliding motion will have a motor driving a single gear which will mate onto a respective gear, except this gear will be linear. This image best represents the description.

Image from:

The folding motion motor will drive one gear, which will drive another gear over a distance with chain. Very much like the chain drive on a bike.

Image from:

All of the above will then be mounted on a nerf gun. Candidates are the Nerf Jolt.

Image from:

Or the Nerf Snapfire.

Image from:

Or another option is to steal a plunger component from a plunger system Nerf gun but we'll see where this all goes.

Hand-drawn notes/plans are below. Due to the mechanics and space requirements, the final product will not be an exact copy of the show's in terms of aesthetics. The final product will be as close as it can.

All plans are subject to change.

This is looking to be harder than Myrtenaster but easier than Crescent Rose.

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