Friday, June 24, 2016

Gambol Shroud Prototype Build Write Up Part 3: Painting and Finishing

Made some changes to the moving and sliding mechanisms. The whole steel bar was made shorter to reduce weight and to better attach one half of the blade to the mechanism. A spot was cut into the blade to attach the metal with hot glue.

Other pieces were cut out of foam board and had flaws filled in and sanded out.

The pieces were then painted and mounted to the mechanism. The outer gear was also made smaller due to the weight reduction. Same paints used for Myrtenaster were used here.

Side covers were then made from foam board and painted.

Then "metal box" covers were cut out of cardboard, painted, and attached.

The black side covers were then glued to the wood frame and the mechanism was attached. A toilet paper roll was cut and glued to the front.

A pattern was made to cover the sides. Craft foam was cut and hot glued to the side.

More craft foam details.

Paint time! Painted almost everything black. The plastic had to be sanded lightly so that the paint would stick.

Tried making a stencil for the logo. Failed horribly. Decided to hand draw the logo with white charcoal.

Logo was then colored in and covered with silver paint.

Wires were soldered to cut PWM cables for the motors to electrically connect to the switch.

Lastly, the orange Nerf priming hold was sanded and painted. White tape was used to cover and protect the area of most use in case paint would start to scrap off. Gun form.

Sword form

Demonstration video.

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