Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crescent Rose Nerf Gun Addition

The other functionality of Crescent Rose besides transforming is shooting. So far, I haven't seen a fully transforming Crescent Rose that would also shoot projectiles. So I'm going to have Crescent Rose shoot Nerf bullets too.

Before I start building I must make sure that Crescent Rose has enough space. Took some measurements.

Compared to the Nerf 6 dart clip.

Image from: http://g04.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB15JVKIpXXXXXyaXXXq6xXFXXXg/Original-Nerf-Elite-Darts-Ammunition-Bullet-Cartridge-Holder-Clip-Hold-6-Foam-Bullet-N-Strike-Pistol.jpg
8cm across is about 3 1/8" which fits into Crescent Rose. I've then started researching the many types of Nerf guns and the methods used to fire the darts. These include flywheels, direct plunger, reverse plunger and motorized plunger. Considering that most plunger guns with a clip system require space behind the clip (see the following guns),

Nerf Recon, image from http://cdn.instructables.com/FFE/7TV3/H1JUH1RT/FFE7TV3H1JUH1RT.MEDIUM.jpg

Nerf Retaliator, image from http://i.imgur.com/ALNkr.jpg

I won't be able to use plungers at all. Crescent Rose has no space for that as the nerf clip will be placed in front of the pseudo clip already on Crescent Rose used for storage of the pneumatic parts.

Circled is the pseudo clip. No room for plunger systems.

So the only thing I will be able to use are flywheels.

These are flywheels, image from http://aznerfwar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Flywheels.jpg

Flywheels are basically 2 DC motors that spin in opposite directions. Simply slide a nerf dart in and it shoots out. I will be able to mount these in front of the nerf clip and simply push the dart forward with a finger. I first set out to buy just the nerf clips, but darts and a 2 new clip cost $20, the same as a nerf gun. Well, if I get a gun I'll get the flywheels, darts, clip, and a nerf gun that I can paint for other costumes. So I got a nerf gun. The N-Strike Elite Stryfe.

After it came in, I got to taking it apart.

Even as toy, quite a bit of engineering went into this.

There's the part that holds the clip in the gun. Press the button and it slips out.

There's this thing. Which is a thermistor. Basically a electrical component that increases it's resistance as the heat applied goes up. It's a protection component for the DC motors.

There's these two switches. The trigger won't move unless both of theses are pressed. As in you can't fire the nerf gun unless you have a clip in the gun and are pressing the acceleration switch.

Well, I need the flywheels so...


And cover it back up. Now to create a new clip holder. Made one with foam board and hot glue.

The screws with the Vex standoff holds the clip lightly when apart, tight when together.

The flywheels were then attached to the foam board clip holder.

Painting time!

Since Crescent Rose extends, the barrel has to extend too. This is achieved by having two barrels able to slide in and out of each other. Like a lightsaber. Here, I've decided to use PVC pipes.

Smaller one is 3/4 inch  inner diameter, bigger one is 1 inch outer diameter.

One can slide in the other.

Now to attach it to Crescent Rose. Hot glue was used to attach the piping and clip holder.

Test firing shown below.


Pneumatic system fixes here.

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